Winner of the 25 and under category — Hubble's Universe
ESA/Hubble Showreel
Hubble teams with Google to bring the cosmos down to Earth
Ancient civilization observing the Veil supernova
Zoom on the region Ursa Major
The South Atlantic Anomaly
The Observable Universe
Linda Smith talks about work with Hubble
David Leckrone talks about his work with Hubble
Astronaut John Grunsfeld talks about working on Hubble
Laura Ferrarese talks about work with the Hubble Space Telescope
Bruno Leibundgut talks about collaboration between Hubble and ground-based telescopes
John Mather talks about Hubble and JWST
Monica Tosi talks about her research with Hubble
Sandy Faber talks about her work with Hubble
Bob O’Dell talks about Hubble’s early years
Duccio Macchetto talks about his career with Hubble
Analogy on how light is collected on a CCD
Registering dark and bright areas at the same time
The CCD Chip
Winner of the over 25s category — Bariónica
Zoom on Munich, Germany
FITS Liberator and Hubble Images
Mirage in the Desert
Using grism to find faint dwarf galaxies furiously forming stars
Zoom on Munich, Germany
Flight over Himalaya
Astrophysical Virtual Observatory
Zoom on Alexandria, Egypt
Interview with Bob Fosbury, "A 2 year long voyage of discovery"
Interview with Bob Fosbury, "Related to the Orion Nebula"
Interview with Bob Fosbury,"A friday afternoon discovery"
Interview with Bob Fosbury, "A unique object as they only live for a blink of eye"
Interview with Bob Fosbury, "A stupendous Orion Nebula"
Finding the ashes of the first stars
Finding the ashes of the first stars
From the distant past
Deep Impact spacecraft closeup (artist's impression)
Deep Impact spacecraft closeup (artist's impression)
Deep Impact spacecraft passing and releasing the impactor (artist's impression)
From the distant past
Making the Universe come to life — behind the Hubble images
From the distant past
HEIC logo animation
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