Odyssey in the Solar System

"Space: 1999 was a serial science-fiction TV show about the journey of the occupants of a Moon base after the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a nuclear explosion. The series was produced by Sylvia and Garry Anderson in the 1970's.

Characters, like Commander Koenig (Martin Landau), Dr. Hellena (Barbara Bain), Professor Victor (Barry Morse), Tony Verdeschi (Tony Anholt), Maya (Catherine Schell) and particularly Alan Carter (Nick Tate) were appealing. They didn't capture the same essence/fulfillment as other sci-fi heroes, like Star Trek's Kirk, Spock and McCoy. However they were unique for my childhood, and they rocked my world.
Maybe, you will share my feelings and recollect your memories during watching this video with montage soundtrack of space 1999."

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Nevzat Uslu

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