Comparison of Hubble observations of the massive star cluster in NGC 3603 in 1997 and 2007

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The massive compact star cluster in NGC 3603 is shown in images taken ten years apart. The image is a colour composite of observations in the WFPC2 filters F547M (1997) respectively F555W (2007) (blue), F675W (green) and F814W (red). The field of view is about 35 arcseconds across. The boxes show a zoomed view of three foreground stars with a particularly high apparent speed relative to the cluster members. More fast-moving stars can be spotted by closer examination of the two pictures.


NASA, ESA and Wolfgang Brandner (MPIA), Boyke Rochau (MPIA) and Andrea Stolte (University of Cologne)

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Release date:25 January 2012, 15:32
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