NGC2392 Eskimo Nebula

The image was produced following LRGB technique popular in amateur CCD astrophotography (search the WEB for references).

Narrow band images of the Eskimo Nebula in F658N, F487N and F469N filters were used for R,G,B channels respectively, additional Luminance layer was done from the F658N image after UnSharp mask was applied to it. This technique allows to show thin filaments in the nebula's shells.

F487N image was selected instead of F502N because the later one has too bright diffuse component of the nebula visible, and my goal was to unveil sharp details in the structure of the Escimo Nebula.

All images were loaded to PhotoShop CS with the help of the FITS Liberator.

I think that my processing may reveal more details compared to "official" HST image ;-)

This fits liberator image is not available for sale.

Yuriy Toropin & the ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator

About the FITS Image

Name:Yuriy Toropin
Country:Russian Federation


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