Helix Nebula - Narrowband Map Color

This image was taken using dithering and was combined using Sigma Reject. I took the four images into Photoshop CS 2 via the FITS liberator. Using the Color Composite Action, I created the RGB image mapping H-Alpha to Red, OIII to green, and HeII to blue. Some minor adjustments where made to the adjustment layers that were added in the process. I then flatten the image and applied the luminance to the RGB at 50%.

The mapped image of the Helix Nebula displays the three images that were used to create the color image seen here. Hydrogen-Alpha and Oxygen III were both quite strong although in different areas, where they were strong in the same area with the ring shape itself. The Helium II image did manage to pick up something right in the center and can be seen in the color image as a teal color area. Looking closely, you can see where the blue can to an end leaving an outer greenish ring just inside the yellow. The yellow and orange are where the HA and OIII channels mixed leaving the outer part of the nebula a nice red color.

This exposure was a total exposure of 6 hours, the HeII and OIII where 60 minutes binned 2x2 and the Luminance and red channel (which are the same) was 4 hours at full resolution. I used an ST-8 XME and a Intes Micro MakNew 8" F/6 to capture the image.

This fits liberator image is not available for sale.

Dean Salman & the ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator

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