Star cluster R136 - ESO 2.2m Telescope

This is a 2.7 X 2.7 arc minute view of star cluster R136 as seen from a ground-based telescope under exceptional observing conditions. Star images are as small as 0.6 arc second.


George Meylan and ESO

About the Image

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Release date:13 August 1990, 06:00
Size:2334 x 2266 px

About the Object

Name:30 Doradus, R136
Type:Local Universe : Star : Grouping : Cluster
Local Universe : Nebula
Distance:170000 light years
Category:Star Clusters

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Position (RA):5 38 42.23
Position (Dec):-69° 6' 3.60"
Field of view:0.18 x 0.17 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 0.2° left of vertical

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Optical MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope

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