Highlights of entries to the Hubble Pop Culture competition

Highlights of entries to the Hubble Pop Culture competition.


Hubble-skinned guitar: Design by Wrap Edge. Submitted by Nathanial Burton-Bradford
My Hubble: Sculpture by Peter Hennessey. Submitted by Lina Isabel Pires Canas
Hubble coin: Designed and submitted by Ivalya Kalcheva
Lovell Telescope: Photo by Alastair (Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester) Submitted by Alastair Gunn
Space Fantasy: Designed and submitted by Sergio Cantú
Hubble toast: Photo by Lina Isabel Pires Canas. Submitted by Lina Isabel Pires Canas
Hubble at NY Fashion Week: Photos and design by Ruffian. Submitted by Viviana Nero
California Guitar Trio: Designed and submitted by Pablo Mandel
Tiny Hubble: Design by Furuta, photo by Micronationshop.com. Submitted by C Renee James
Hubble Firefox: Firefox logo is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation. Submitted by C Giocoli
Hubble Warhol: Designed and submitted by Boby Pirovics
Hubble cross-stitch: Designed and submitted by Rachel Hobson
Second Life gown: Designed and submitted by Patricia Anderson
Hubble mosaic: Designed and submitted by Barnabas Rumpf
Tattoo: Axon D’luxe. Submitted by C Renee James
Hubble watermelon: Photo by Sezgin Babacan. Submitted by Sezgin Babacan
Binaural: From the album Binaural by Pearl Jam, released by Epic Records.Submitted by Michael Grabois
Hubble bubble: From Futurama, owned by Comedy Central. Submitted by Seanie Morris

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