Hubblecast HD awarded "Top 25 new 2007 vodcasts" status by iTunes

Less than one year after its launch, the Hubblecast HD video podcast (vodcast) series has become a tremendous success. It has just been awarded a position among the best new 25 video podcasts in 2007 by the Apple iTunes store.

Hubblecast is the name for a series of free video podcasts that presents the latest news and beautiful images related with the science produced by the Hubble Space Telescope. Its target group is laypeople interested in astronomy and the amazing images from outer space. The "HD" stands for "High Definition", and is the standard format that can be watched on online movie players such as the AppleTV. However, Hubblecast HD can also be watched on any computer screen. Two other Hubblecast channels are available: "Hubblecast" which is low resolution and Hubblecast Full HD, using the 1080p format (1920 x 1080 pixels).

It is easy to find Hubblecast HD in iTunes: just search for Hubblecast in the search field.

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